Fireplaces / Stoves

At Choice Interiors we are delighted to say we supply outstanding high quality Stove and Fire place ranges.

Broseley, Be-Modern, Evolution and  Elgin & Hall - the UK's favourite wood burning, multifuel, electric, fireplace suits and gas fuel stoves.

Adding an Elgin & Hall fireplace could easily be the single most satisfying improvement you could make to your home. Elegant and simple in design, warm and welcoming in effect – the impact is transformative.

The craftsmanship that denotes Elgin & Hall fireplaces was established over 40 years ago when our models were hand made at workshops in the Yorkshire Dales.

The quality lives on in the range of timeless designs manufactured in the North East using techniques so advanced some of the effects are unique to Elgin & Hall.  Add the enduring properties of marble, and you possess a timeless piece of furniture that will always match your taste, even if it changes over time.

The name that gave the company its identity is today also a brand of fireplace designs. Journey through a range of choices from time-honoured to contemporary and arrive at the perfect fireplace, perfectly affordable.

The ambience which a new fireplace brings into the home can transform the quality of life for the whole family to experience. With a Be Modern fireplace you can look forward to years of pleasure; a place to entertain friends, to reflect or just to relax.

The Be Modern range provides an unbeatable wealth of choice of marble or timber fireplaces, electric fires and fireplaces and gas fires.

Our Broseley Evolution range is highly distinctive with its sleek, boldly simple Scandinavian inspired design, incorporates woodburning and multifuel stoves.  As a fuel, wood is carbon neutral.  So efficiently do Broseley stoves convert wood into heat, most Evolution models are Smoke Exempt for use in smoke controlled areas.

The Evolution range of stoves is exclusive to showrooms of Broseley appointed stockists. Incorporating a selection of UK manufactured stoves, this range offers a quality of build and level of efficiency over three times greater than an open fire. Balancing technical excellence with traditional skills is a delicate business, yet with the Evolution range this is achieved beautifully.

ActiviewTM People are rightly attracted to buy a stove because it makes such a visible difference to a room. But remember, burning fuel creates deposits. These can settle on the glass and obscure the view.

You can mitigate the effect by choosing kiln dried logs with low moisture content. But Evolutions new Actiview system goes further. It enables the stove to keep its own glass clean for longer.

Smoke Exempt Those of us who live in towns and cities dwell in smoke control areas as defined by the Clean Air Act. Here you are permitted only to burn smokeless fuel or use woodburning stoves which have passed the emissions tests set by the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). So efficiently do Evolution stoves convert wood to heat, they bear the Smoke Exempt seal.

Generous, captivating and beautifully designed, Broseley stoves bring a world of warmth in harmony with your way of living and the planet.

There is nothing you could add to your home that will make a more welcome difference than a Broseley stove.

The shimmering embers, bright flames and radiant warmth make you feel especially glad to be home. A Broseley stove provides more than a cosy centrepiece for your room. Fashioned in sturdy, heat retaining cast iron; it is an object of beauty in itself.

Choice Not only will a stove change your life, but fit in with your way of living.  Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or your own personal mixture there’s a stove to match from the Broseley collection.  As well as woodburning and multifuel stoves, we offer electric or gas versions. Each type of fuel has its special advantages in terms of convenience, efficiency, natural character and environmental performance.

UK Manufacture Broseley is named after the village where the business was born just across the historic iron bridge over the Severn from Coalbrookdale where the 18th century ironmasters forged the Industrial Revolution.  Today our new investment in production means we continue the traditional of building stoves in the UK in cast iron that will stand the test of time.

They also stand the scientific tests required to meet the highest national and European standards of quality, safety and environmental performance.